Art Basel 2012- YogArt & JugoFresh

Soo I’m going to jump right into this whole blogging thing because I have such exciting news about what’s taking place around town & it cannot wait !! For those of you familiar with South Beach you know that Art Basel is one of the busiest most exciting times of the year ! The positive energy you feel in the air is amplified during Basel — people have flown in from all over the world to be in Miami for the special events & parties  !

To me yoga and art go hand in hand, I consider yoga to be an expression of art. If you’re in Miami during Basel make sure to attend the YogArt event ! I’m proud to say that Miami Yoga Magazine is one of the sponsors of the event ! Trust me you def don’t want to miss out on it !


& while your attending events make sure to stop by the JugoFresh pop up shop for cold pressed juices ! cant wait to try what they have planned for the exclusive to Basel flavors-


if you go ,hopefully you’ll see me there ! if not, comment below & let me know what you thought of it !

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