Day 2- Juice Cleanse

hii ! i  wanted to share with you what a typical day during a juice fast looks like ! im doing this strictly for health reasons & NOT to lose weight. im improvising as i go- & listening to exactly what my body is telling me.

if you need some inspiration a great film to watch is: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead– its instantly available on netflix & i think watching it is the best way to jump start your motivation !!

it makes it a lot easier when you have someone doing it with you ! accountability partners help with so much in life ! for this cleanse it’s my boyfriend & after months of crazy talk & begging he finally decided to shut me up do one with me 🙂

i woke up around 6 am & made him a juice for breakfast (rainbow chard, kale, celery, & 1 apple) next, i made him two additional juices for a snack & lunch. (romaine, celery, spinach, apple, beets, & a carrot) i put them in glass jars & packed a cooler for him to take them to work.

i went back to sleep & when i woke up i had a tall glass of warm water with 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon + a pinch of cayenne pepper to wake me up !! + 1 probiotic (i suggest this kind)


i waited 1 hour & had a juice for breakfast —


i enjoyed it on the balcony before heading to lay out at the pool to get some much needed vitamin D !!

this is what was included in my first juice:


( rainbow chard, romaine, celery, kale, 1 apple + vibrant health green vibrance ) the supplement is to insure i am receiving my maximum nutrients through out the cleanse !!

lay out

i wanted to take it easy during my cleanse so i planned it perfectly ! my sister is on break from school so we spent quality time together !

then we decided to go to in the sauna


& then we went into the steam room !

steam room

the sauna & steam room are wonderful ways to compliment juice cleansing ! i also use a dry brush before i shower- it helps circulate your blood & helps reduce & eliminate cellulite- both great benefits !!

up next another juice for lunch ! < apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley & kale >

& lastly, my dinner juice:  < carrots, beets, cucumber, green apple, & kale >

ps- a show called Bacon Paradise was on the Travel Channel tonight… i couldn’t even believe it !! yes, sadly, its exactly what it sounds like !! bars were even coming up with ways to mix bacon into the drinks — YUCK. what is this world coming to ?!

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