yes i know its december. yes i know its weird that we made a pumpkin pie today… however, when you’re in an organic buying club or a co-op you basically have no choice but to get creative with whats local, in season, & whats in the share they choose to give you ! its basically a mystery every week !

i had 2 sugar pie pumpkins in my share & they obviously didn’t mix well with my holiday decorations ! so we made FULLY RAW PUMPKIN PIE !!

i had the help of my sister, Ellie, today ! that’s her in the picture below ! we had soo much fun !!


she chopped the pumpkins & i pitted the dates ! we were watching Kristina from ! we used her recipe to make this– & you can get all the details : HERE

pie crust

2 simple ingredients :: dates + pecan’s = the world’s best raw crust !!


last step ! chill the pie in your freezer for 2-3 hours … & ENJOY 🙂

… its seriously the BEST pie ever !! i think im going to make a couple more to give to family !

happy holidays to all ! ❤

One thought on “Holiday FULLY RAW PUMPKIN PIE !!

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