Kapotasana Practice !!

YAY. today i practiced Kapotasana ! it was my first time… & im almost there .. !!


then i worked on¬†Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana … def still not there, but progress has been made ! <one leg straight up in full wheel >


then i worked on coming half way down in headstand– still stuck slamming my feet back down.. oops


& while in the process of messing up — i made up some really weird pose.


hmmm looks interesting- what should i name it !? ūüėČ

are you practicing today?


after mysore practice early this morning,

i went to the beach to meditate:

early am meditation

i brought along some good reading:


& i was surround by great company ūüôā


perfect way to start my day !!

Johanna gave me some Sandalwood Incense that she brought back from Mysore, India ! Cant wait to light them !!


& that Buddha sculpture was given to me by my grandfather a few days ago : ) one of his cousins in Columbia made it by hand ! sooo special & sentimental- i love it.

*if you want to start meditating this is a great video to begin with:

how did you start your day? 

Superfood Spotlight: Chia Seeds + Recipe

yummmm !! i know this stuff seems strange….. YES, they are the same chia seeds that you used to make your chia pets back in the 90’s…. but trust me they are so¬†versatile¬†!

chia seed

what are chia seeds & what do they do ?:

– Seeds that the Aztecs, Mayans & Incans used as a staple of their diet & as an energy food ! they help the body to maintain a hydrated state¬†for hours on end. ¬†& as if that¬†isn’t¬†enough these tiny seeds are also the¬†highest plant source of Omega 3s, rich in¬†calcium¬†& an¬†easily digested protein¬†source¬†<www.thechalkboardmag.com> ¬†They are currently being used for their nutritional & medicinal properties, endurance for athletes, for suppressing the appetite, weight loss, leveling blood sugar, & for aiding intestinal regularity.

what can you do with them ? 

they have so many possibilities from sprinkling them on salads, adding to seasoning to make bread crumbs, even as an egg substitution in recipes- go here for a list of 10 uses !

but my all time breakfast staple favorite is: CHIA SEED PUDDING 

its so easy to make ! this recipe is adapted from Katie Dalebout at the Wellness Wonderland:


-chia seeds

-nut milk (I used almond)

-stevia, xyitol (or sweetener of your choice) 

optional add-ins: cinnamon, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, banana, nuts, cocoa nibs, tahini, almond bitter, hemp seeds, ground flax meal etc. 

Mix all the ingredients together in one bowl & then pour over your chia seeds. I usually use 1 cup of almond milk mixed with a dash of cinnamon & a splash of vanilla extract. & then i pour that mixture over 1/4 cup of chia seeds ! then you¬†refrigerate¬†as long as possible- overnight is best- but 15 mins + will do ūüôā

then your ready to enjoy !

still want to learn more? watch this video:

Epic Hotel Treat

i had a girls night at the epic hotel, & yes it was just as the name suggests.

we ordered robes, watched junk tv, & ordered room service !


<Fran, Me, Christina, & Danielle>

we had a gorgeous downtown miami skyline view of the city ! its so weird because im used to hanging on the beach like a bum. i felt big city energy while i was there !

not only does the hotel boast one of my fav restaurants, Zuma, it’s also home to an amazing wellness spa: Exhale. well+good nyc just did an article on how its one of the hottest places in miami right now for core classes !

one of the best little treats about my stay was the fresh flavored water assortments they had waiting in the lobby in the morning !

this is something you can DIY & recreate at home. its inexpensive & slightly indulgent.

im a huge h2o drinker & i never get bored of it. but for those of you that do try to spruce it up & make it a little healthier & tastier !


Infused Water : I know this is painfully easy, but how often do you actually whip this up & have infused water available in your fridge? sometimes it just takes an extra reminder to set a healthy habit like this !

Ingredients:  Filtered Water + 

-fresh lemon slices – fresh lime slices – cucumber slices – mint leaves – berries – oranges – peach slices – pineapple chunks -apple slices – pear slices.. the possibilities are endless !

whats your fav infused water combination ? 

Healthy “Ice Cream” + My Top 8 Add-Ins !

i have a major sweet tooth that is almost impossible to satisfy- but its actually not as hard as i thought it would be to find healthy substitutes !

instead of reaching for processed candy & chocolate bars – i make my own desserts using quality all natural products !

my biggest life savers have been: detoxinista.com, all natural honey, local bee pollen, cacao powder, & 80% or higher dark chocolate- they’ve replaced lindt chocolate truffles, hershey bars, & ice cream bars.

now that i have the vitamix i am experimenting with ice cream/ frozen yogurt combinations !

a general rule of thumb is to use frozen bananas as your base so its creamier- if¬†that’s¬†too much of a hassle lots of ice ¬†cubes can be used but i always find it waters down the taste.

almond milk is also a good thickener & so is plain greek yogurt & if you want something extra rich & creamy- all natural organic peanut butter.

mix & match to fit your flavors- be sure to experiment ! it really is as simple as putting them in the vitamix &¬†you’re¬†just a quick blend away to a healthy dessert !

here are my top 8 healthy, fun, add ins:

1. fruitРcherries, mangoes, blueberries, apples cut into small pieces. these really help to add texture !

2. cinnamonРit helps to regulate blood sugar, its great for people trying to stabilize their energy levels &  their moods

3.  nutsРalmonds & walnuts. these definitely add a crunch- unfortunately i had to give up my old favorite Рsprinkles ! read the ingredient list on them, its scary !

4. local bee pollen– ENERGY, ENERGY, ENGERY. sweet, floral flavor. superfood.

5. granola– adds a crunch

6. maca powder– ancient Peruvian superfood highly prized by Incan warriors to increase stamina, boost libido, & combat fatigue- adds a thickness & mild root flavor

7. natural organic raw honeyРthis ones obvious. sweet & natural

8. natural organic peanut butter– yum this is just personal preferences. & it has protein

in other news- i found this great yoga activewear line http://www.spirtualgangster.com

i just ordered this tank & pullover Рcant wait to get it in the mail !

ive been working on the next issue of MYM ( miami yoga magazine ) & we are collaborating with Cat Haayen of Yogathletica ! i cant give away too many details yet ūüėČ but i can say she is so sweet & great to work with ! looking forward to good things !


Cat Haayen with http://www.yogathleta.com- if youre in miami check out her classes at the SoHo House !

on the go tips !

a friend send me this Wall Street Journal Article that was such great news : Juicers Invade Kitchen Counters

if youre thinking about getting a juicer or vitamix it lists great pros & cons !

if you¬†don’t¬†have the patience to make your own, try to find a juice bar in your area ! i personally love, jugo fresh ! the el-green-go has: apple, celery, spinach, parsley, & lemon !


a lot of people’s excuse is that they don’t have enough time to eat healthy on the go.. but you can ALWAYS find something- this was my healthy veggie lunch at Villa Azur !


switching it up

i went for a run on the beach today- which is so rare but it was so calming !


earlyamruni was on my run around 7:30 am. its the best time … the beach is SO quiet & deserted & its not too hot yet !!

on my way home, i saw an urban garden south of fifth that was amazing considering the small amount of space they were working with !!



urbangarden3i found it pretty inspirational !! they must have the freshest green juices on the block !! definitely shows there is NO excuse to not having great produce no matter how small of a space you have to work with !! im even attempting tomatoes on my condo balcony right now !! & my jalapenos are almost ready : )

for some yoga inspiration, check out these beautiful Kino videos ! she has so much grace in her practice, i feel so lucky to practice at her studio !

quinoa + baby bok choy + cauliflower = yummy lunch

quinoa lunch

i took a break from my day to come home & make my own lunch ! its much easier to control your health when you know exactly what quality produce & ingredients are being used !! im currently reading the jugo fresh article in the mag- love the review Kino did.

say hiiiii to CELLA my english bulldog, bottom left corner ! she was dying for a bite !

simple ingredients :

+quinoa                                                                                                                                                                                                                    +cauliflower                                                                                                                                                                                                                   +baby bok choy                                                                                                                                                                                                           +grass fed organic butter.

& speaking of, i went to jugo fresh earlier today & violaa–


Healthy Guides


this pretty guide was made by Katie Dalebout from http://www.thewellnesswonderland.com – her ¬†new website is beautiful & so informative ! she’s a sweet gorgeous girl from the midwest who writes & makes videos about health & wellness + yoga. very inspiring


this is a food combining guide made by Megan over at http://www.detoxinista.com !  i LOVE her dessert recipes- she uses all natural healthy ingredients !

glowinggreenas i just mentioned the other day, i absolutely adore Kimberly Snyder ! I use my vitamix to make the GGS all the time ! its the best breakfast ever, not to mention so quick & easy ! check her out at http://www.kimberlysnyder.net

now im off to hit the streets ! helping distribute Miami Yoga Magazine : ) be on the look out !