Start of the Week.

eating healthy is always so much easier for me when i get on a roll- the weekends are usually a tough time for me– i find Monday’s to be the perfect day to get back on track & set the tone for the rest of the week !

i went to jugofresh for a delicious breakfast of raw oatmeal ! im going to try to recreate this at home & ill post it soon! <ingredients via menu: oats, cashew milk, agave, vanilla, grey sea salt>


then my friend, Nicole & I finished up with Raw Power shakes! if you want to try to make this at home: almond milk, banana, brazil nuts, dates, hemp protein, maca, cacao, cinnamon, agave <really seems like a twist of my Maca Milkshare– & that recipe is HERE >


i kept the healthy vibe going with a turkey burger wrap + brown rice, from one of my fav spots, Juice & Java


i saw this picture on well+good. betsey johnson debuts yoga inspired clothing- interesting? champange bottles as dumbbells?- amazing.  check out the full article: HERE


hope you’re week’s off to a great start !

REMINDER: Remaining Present


walking into work i usually have my head in the clouds & i’m dreaming about being somewhere else.

but sometimes its good to practice yogic behavior, & remain present.

its always good to:


& i might have just missed this little enjoyment if i hadn’t remained present & in the moment:


a birds nest- a beautiful sign of life amiss the chaos of miami beach & the hussle & bussle of my office.

inspiration on remaining present:

+ “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”  — Buddha

+ “Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find you’re here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally. — Eckhart Tolle

+ “The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity.”  — Paulo Coelho


its SO cold here in miami beach today !! which  i love ! because i get to dress cozy & pretend i live somewhere cold ! burr


it was hard to get out of bed this morning when my option was to spoon with my cuddle bug, Cella.


man, sometimes i wish we could trade places !! this is what she’ll be doing the rest of the day…..


& remember:


Kapotasana Practice !!

YAY. today i practiced Kapotasana ! it was my first time… & im almost there .. !!


then i worked on Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana … def still not there, but progress has been made ! <one leg straight up in full wheel >


then i worked on coming half way down in headstand– still stuck slamming my feet back down.. oops


& while in the process of messing up — i made up some really weird pose.


hmmm looks interesting- what should i name it !? 😉

are you practicing today?


after mysore practice early this morning,

i went to the beach to meditate:

early am meditation

i brought along some good reading:


& i was surround by great company 🙂


perfect way to start my day !!

Johanna gave me some Sandalwood Incense that she brought back from Mysore, India ! Cant wait to light them !!


& that Buddha sculpture was given to me by my grandfather a few days ago : ) one of his cousins in Columbia made it by hand ! sooo special & sentimental- i love it.

*if you want to start meditating this is a great video to begin with:

how did you start your day? 

switching it up

i went for a run on the beach today- which is so rare but it was so calming !


earlyamruni was on my run around 7:30 am. its the best time … the beach is SO quiet & deserted & its not too hot yet !!

on my way home, i saw an urban garden south of fifth that was amazing considering the small amount of space they were working with !!



urbangarden3i found it pretty inspirational !! they must have the freshest green juices on the block !! definitely shows there is NO excuse to not having great produce no matter how small of a space you have to work with !! im even attempting tomatoes on my condo balcony right now !! & my jalapenos are almost ready : )

for some yoga inspiration, check out these beautiful Kino videos ! she has so much grace in her practice, i feel so lucky to practice at her studio !

Happy & Healthy New Year !!

i hope everyone is having a great, healthy, & happy new year so far-

— i always find the beginning of the year a great time to restart & get back on track- thankfully lululemon has some amazing worksheets that you can find here & another in-depth worksheet here ! they are great for organizing short term & long term goals, plans, & dreams ! in my personal yoga practice i would love to accomplish the scorpion pose by the end of the year.

kimsnyder kimberly snyder in scorpion.

she is one of my all time favorite yogi’s ! i love her health tips & tricks ! for one of her newest downloads click here!

another one of my favorite yogi/blogger’s is Vani.. & i loved to see her post about Machu Picchu, it was perfect timing ! my friend Natalie is coming over tomorrow to plan our trip & book our flights ! so exciting !

–if you’re a Miami Beach local you’ll be happy to hear the incredible Dharma Mittra is coming to town Febuary 3, 2013. Here is a link for all of the information– if you’re not familar with him.. here’s a cool picture to introduce you:


my yoga teacher training feels like its fast approaching ! may 1st to be exact. a lot of people ask me questions about the process & the program. check out the website or watch this video.  i am so excited !! 🙂

&&& of course I saved the BEST news for last !! Miami Yoga Magazine- Winter 2013 Issue hit Miami today !! Look for it around town in all the studios, spas, & health food restaurants ! Not only did I contribute to the PR & Marketing.. I wrote an article ! I am thrilled because its my first published writing !! check it out below:


to view the magazine issues in their entirety go to

namaste. xxoo.

Day 2- Juice Cleanse

hii ! i  wanted to share with you what a typical day during a juice fast looks like ! im doing this strictly for health reasons & NOT to lose weight. im improvising as i go- & listening to exactly what my body is telling me.

if you need some inspiration a great film to watch is: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead– its instantly available on netflix & i think watching it is the best way to jump start your motivation !!

it makes it a lot easier when you have someone doing it with you ! accountability partners help with so much in life ! for this cleanse it’s my boyfriend & after months of crazy talk & begging he finally decided to shut me up do one with me 🙂

i woke up around 6 am & made him a juice for breakfast (rainbow chard, kale, celery, & 1 apple) next, i made him two additional juices for a snack & lunch. (romaine, celery, spinach, apple, beets, & a carrot) i put them in glass jars & packed a cooler for him to take them to work.

i went back to sleep & when i woke up i had a tall glass of warm water with 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon + a pinch of cayenne pepper to wake me up !! + 1 probiotic (i suggest this kind)


i waited 1 hour & had a juice for breakfast —


i enjoyed it on the balcony before heading to lay out at the pool to get some much needed vitamin D !!

this is what was included in my first juice:


( rainbow chard, romaine, celery, kale, 1 apple + vibrant health green vibrance ) the supplement is to insure i am receiving my maximum nutrients through out the cleanse !!

lay out

i wanted to take it easy during my cleanse so i planned it perfectly ! my sister is on break from school so we spent quality time together !

then we decided to go to in the sauna


& then we went into the steam room !

steam room

the sauna & steam room are wonderful ways to compliment juice cleansing ! i also use a dry brush before i shower- it helps circulate your blood & helps reduce & eliminate cellulite- both great benefits !!

up next another juice for lunch ! < apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley & kale >

& lastly, my dinner juice:  < carrots, beets, cucumber, green apple, & kale >

ps- a show called Bacon Paradise was on the Travel Channel tonight… i couldn’t even believe it !! yes, sadly, its exactly what it sounds like !! bars were even coming up with ways to mix bacon into the drinks — YUCK. what is this world coming to ?!

Interview with South Beach Yoga Teacher Johanna Rodriquez

This morning I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Johanna Rodriquez who runs South Beach as one of the most sought out private yoga instructors ! I consider her an inspiring teacher & a close friend- shes beautiful inside & out ! if you live in Miami or are visiting make sure to book a private with her on the beach !!

Me: Choose 5 words that you think describe you the best?

Jo: I’m Outgoing, Witty, Versatile, Communicative, Youthful, & very Lively !!

Me: I think that’s one more than 5 😉 but its cool we’ll let it slide… so where are you from? tell me a little about yourself ??

Jo: I was born in West New York, New Jersey and raised in Sunny South Beach. I have Colombian and Cuban roots – I grew up in a household where being spiritual was normal and encouraged. My mother was very influential in helping me grow into my own style and shaped me into the fashionista I am today while helping me maintain being grounded through my yogic lifestyle.

me: Wow you’re very lucky to have been introduced to this world at such a young age & to have grown up in a supportive household.. tell me whats your favorite green drink combination & what do you add in ? 

Jo: juice- spinach, cucumber, kale, lime, ginger, pineapple, coconut water. smoothie- almond milk, avocado, kale or spinach, banana, bee pollen, macca powder

Me: bee pollen & maca powder are great suggestions- you got me hooked weeks ago ! They both really help to increase my energy thank you ! What is your typical breakfast?

Jo:  Ginger shot, Green Tea, 16oz Juice/smoothie, Greek yogurt with fruits and granola. Plus a cup of coffee when I need extra prana !!

Me: What is your typical lunch?

Jo: I have a lot of snacks during the day (nuts, berries, veggies with hummus). I eat whenever I feel hungry. I noticed that I eat the most after practice. For lunch I usually have another juice with a vegetarian salad or wrap.

Me: What is your typical dinner ?

Jo: I love soup and anything spicy… So I might eat Japanese or Thai. I’m not a picky eater necessarily.. I just don’t eat animals.

Me: It sounds like you eat very clean & healthy which I’m sure helps you in your practice.. What is your favorite yoga pose & why?

Jo: I love urdhva dhanurasana! Especially the drop-back sequence of the pose it opens my heart and back. And it shows me that when I fall back I’m letting go and by picking myself back up that I’m firmly grounded.

Me: What do you typical wear when your practicing yoga ?

Jo: I love practicing in Kino Yoga shorts, Lululemon bras… Laundry days I use bikini tops… I like to use color & prints and love headbands from yogitoes. Oh, I also love one piece suits and can’t wait for my friends organic yoga clothing line “YoGiiZa” to launch next year.

Me: What’s the last trip you took, where did you go ?

I just got back from Mysore, India where I stayed for a month practicing Ashtanga yoga in the source with my guru R. Sharatha Jois. I can’t wait to go next year! India has a beautiful energy that only you can experience there.

Me: I loved all of your pictures from Mysore their gorgeous !! I can’t wait to go there either !! Sounds so amazing .. How did you find yoga and how has it changed you?

Jo: Yoga found me when I was 16… I was reading the local newspaper and saw an add for free yoga at a seniors home. I went the following week and was hooked ever since. Yoga has changed me from the inside out! Everyday I awake I give thanks for yoga, I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for the beautiful magic of yoga.

Me: I feel the same way about my path to yoga.. so what’s the best advice you have for someone new or wanting to begin yoga?

Jo: Go with the flow & don’t ever judge your practice.

Me: Do you have any spirtual or yogic quotes that you live by ?

Jo: My favorite is “The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here.” I have it tattooed going down my spine. I try to always live my life in the present moment.

Me: What are the best places to practice yoga in Miami Beach ?

Jo: Miami Life Center is my yoga home for my daily personal Mysore practice. I love The Standard Spa Hotel, Miami Beach when I want to practice Jivamukti with my teacher Jaya & take the whole day to relax at the pool or steam after practice. We can’t forget Synergy Yoga on Espanola Way; they offer everything you need from thai massage, kundalini yoga, and even sexy yoga 😉

Me: Miami Life Center is my yoga home too.. I can’t wait to try some of the detoxing hot yoga classes at Synergy. And I thought that your morning class at the Standard was great out on the deck ! Whats your favorite healthy Miami Beach Restaurant? 

Jo: I like Juice & Java and Under The Mango Tree for juice/smoothie and acia bowls

Me: So what are your other hobbies & interests?

Jo: Beside yoga, I love fashion & art. When I’m not teaching or working at Avant Gallery. I enjoy attending volunteering, art, fashion, music events. I paint and reconstruct my clothes/jewelry whenever I have time off (not often)

Me: Any ALL NATURAL beauty rituals or secrets that you follow?

Jo: I love coconut anything! I do a coconut hair mask for 24 hours once a week. And right after showering I use pure coconut oil all over my body.

Me: I still use that coconut oil you brought me back from India, thanks so much ! I love it too ! How did you know that teaching was the next step for you?

Jo: I started by teaching kids yoga (it never crossed my mind to work with kids before) after working with kids for a while I wanted to get deeper into my practice and spread the word of yoga to everyone in the community.

Me: How do you connect with your students and what do you like to do differently? 

Jo: My classes are meant to connect with the now and your inner self. I use uplifting spiritual tunes, scented candles, incense, and essential oils. I’ve been told I give the best savasana in town 😉 .. I fan and massage my students at the end.

Me: I LOVE your classes their the best !! So when your not teaching private lessons or directing Avant Gallery where can people take your classes? 


Synergy – South beach

Mon kids yoga at 5pm / Gentle yoga for parents with Kiki at the same time

Wed kids yoga at 5pm

Sat kids yoga at 9:30am / Jivamukti with mateo at the same time for the parents

Sat Ashtanga at 11:15

Coming in January Fight Club– Downtown Miami–  vinyasa flow at 7pm

Free hand hotel – beach yoga Sunday 11:30am–  coming soon

Karma Yoga – south point park coming soon donation base

connect with Johanna: