Trip Time

My last significant travel outside the states was in February to St. Barth’s- it was everything I expected & more ! (bahamas on the weekends doesn’t count- I don’t even consider it leaving the country because I live a 1.5 hr boat ride away !!)  .. I was just reminiscing over pictures from the trip & that made me think where do i want to visit next !!?

My mother was born in Columbia & so were both of my grandparents ! I’m so intrigued to visit the beaches & farms where I still have family ! I’ve been outlining my ideal Colombian vacation & all of the places I’d love to go-

then I remembered something I’ve had on my bucket list- Hiking the Andes Mountains !

Look how gorgeous-                 <Machu Picchu in Peru>

i think its absolutely breathtaking ! have you ever been ?! any other south american stops i would HAVE to make ?!

in the mean time check out your Horoscope for the month of December HERE  ! does it suggest traveling away somewhere soon ?

& remember today is  12/12/12 — make it special !