after mysore practice early this morning,

i went to the beach to meditate:

early am meditation

i brought along some good reading:


& i was surround by great company ūüôā


perfect way to start my day !!

Johanna gave me some Sandalwood Incense that she brought back from Mysore, India ! Cant wait to light them !!


& that Buddha sculpture was given to me by my grandfather a few days ago : ) one of his cousins in Columbia made it by hand ! sooo special & sentimental- i love it.

*if you want to start meditating this is a great video to begin with:

how did you start your day? 

switching it up

i went for a run on the beach today- which is so rare but it was so calming !


earlyamruni was on my run around 7:30 am. its the best time … the beach is SO quiet & deserted & its not too hot yet !!

on my way home, i saw an urban garden south of fifth that was amazing considering the small amount of space they were working with !!



urbangarden3i found it pretty inspirational !! they must have the freshest green juices on the block !! definitely shows there is NO excuse to not having great produce no matter how small of a space you have to work with !! im even attempting tomatoes on my condo balcony right now !! & my jalapenos are almost ready : )

for some yoga inspiration, check out these beautiful Kino videos ! she has so much grace in her practice, i feel so lucky to practice at her studio !