Healthy “Ice Cream” + My Top 8 Add-Ins !

i have a major sweet tooth that is almost impossible to satisfy- but its actually not as hard as i thought it would be to find healthy substitutes !

instead of reaching for processed candy & chocolate bars – i make my own desserts using quality all natural products !

my biggest life savers have been:, all natural honey, local bee pollen, cacao powder, & 80% or higher dark chocolate- they’ve replaced lindt chocolate truffles, hershey bars, & ice cream bars.

now that i have the vitamix i am experimenting with ice cream/ frozen yogurt combinations !

a general rule of thumb is to use frozen bananas as your base so its creamier- if that’s too much of a hassle lots of ice  cubes can be used but i always find it waters down the taste.

almond milk is also a good thickener & so is plain greek yogurt & if you want something extra rich & creamy- all natural organic peanut butter.

mix & match to fit your flavors- be sure to experiment ! it really is as simple as putting them in the vitamix & you’re just a quick blend away to a healthy dessert !

here are my top 8 healthy, fun, add ins:

1. fruit– cherries, mangoes, blueberries, apples cut into small pieces. these really help to add texture !

2. cinnamon– it helps to regulate blood sugar, its great for people trying to stabilize their energy levels &  their moods

3.  nuts– almonds & walnuts. these definitely add a crunch- unfortunately i had to give up my old favorite – sprinkles ! read the ingredient list on them, its scary !

4. local bee pollen– ENERGY, ENERGY, ENGERY. sweet, floral flavor. superfood.

5. granola– adds a crunch

6. maca powder– ancient Peruvian superfood highly prized by Incan warriors to increase stamina, boost libido, & combat fatigue- adds a thickness & mild root flavor

7. natural organic raw honey– this ones obvious. sweet & natural

8. natural organic peanut butter– yum this is just personal preferences. & it has protein

in other news- i found this great yoga activewear line

i just ordered this tank & pullover – cant wait to get it in the mail !

ive been working on the next issue of MYM ( miami yoga magazine ) & we are collaborating with Cat Haayen of Yogathletica ! i cant give away too many details yet 😉 but i can say she is so sweet & great to work with ! looking forward to good things !


Cat Haayen with if youre in miami check out her classes at the SoHo House !

Spotlight: Xylitol

yesterday i went for my routine dental check up- & mostly everything was typical. my teeth are healthy & strong. but the dentist mentioned my gums were a little weak. hmm i thought. weak gums- how am i supposed to make them stronger, what kind of exercise would that entail ? totally kidding, but no really how was i supposed to strengthen them??

he suggested brushing 4x a day & flossing 2x. oh & listerine washes. ok sounded pretty standard & simple enough.

but then of course i had to take matters into my own hands & began searching holistic dental care. i came across a website explaining that a white crystalline substance that looks & tastes like sugar could potentially improve my teeth & gums- WHATTTT. it had me at- tastes like sugar, i was sold.

Xylitol. What is it? Well to me the name sounds like a strange musical instrument but that is very misleading.. it is actually an all natural substitute for table sugar.


& the name rang a bell because at one of my crazed whole foods buy-everything-in-the-store-athon i had an employee recommend it as an alternative to the ever popular Stevia. i just so happened to buy it but once i got home with the weird named bottle I pushed it to the back of the kitchen shelf never to be seen or heard of again. Until now.

i tested it out by sprinkling it on some fresh strawberries & it was delicious ! i couldn’t believe it wasn’t sugar. well it is, but not really. Its technically a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables & produced in small amounts by the human body !

According to my research, Xylitol may reduce the risk of tooth decay. Many large-scale clinical studies have shown it to have long-lasting dental benefits. Sugar that’s GOOD for teeth- CRAY. Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar & can replace sugar in cooking, baking or as a sweetener for beverages.

then i went over to my grandmother’s with my sister ellie. & here are some ¿cómo se dice.. spanish tips 😉


me. my mimi. & my sister ellie.

first of all the 85 year old (still cant believe it !!!) Colombian beauty told me to:

* drink tea not coffee. (thankfully i only drink coffee on a RARE occassion) Tea,  especially green tea, contains antioxidants and compounds that can help your heart, give you energy and protect your teeth and gums.

* massage my gums with my fingers ( yes, i agree this one sounded very weird. but hey if i can have her all natural smile at that age, ill test out ANYTHING.)

* gargle salt + water ( makes your gums tighter & strengthens them )

then she threw in an added BONUS !

her easy at home way to whiten:

*baking soda + lemon – brush on teeth & leave as long as you can stand it !