Epic Hotel Treat

i had a girls night at the epic hotel, & yes it was just as the name suggests.

we ordered robes, watched junk tv, & ordered room service !


<Fran, Me, Christina, & Danielle>

we had a gorgeous downtown miami skyline view of the city ! its so weird because im used to hanging on the beach like a bum. i felt big city energy while i was there !

not only does the hotel boast one of my fav restaurants, Zuma, it’s also home to an amazing wellness spa: Exhale. well+good nyc just did an article on how its one of the hottest places in miami right now for core classes !

one of the best little treats about my stay was the fresh flavored water assortments they had waiting in the lobby in the morning !

this is something you can DIY & recreate at home. its inexpensive & slightly indulgent.

im a huge h2o drinker & i never get bored of it. but for those of you that do try to spruce it up & make it a little healthier & tastier !


Infused Water : I know this is painfully easy, but how often do you actually whip this up & have infused water available in your fridge? sometimes it just takes an extra reminder to set a healthy habit like this !

Ingredients:  Filtered Water + 

-fresh lemon slices – fresh lime slices – cucumber slices – mint leaves – berries – oranges – peach slices – pineapple chunks -apple slices – pear slices.. the possibilities are endless !

whats your fav infused water combination ?